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Some Reflections on Writing

Updated: Jun 27

I think you will find this article interesting: Twenty-one Authors Share One Piece of Advice for Writers.

I think the one I have to come back to is: Write what you are passionate about. I keep thinking I have to make money, be liked, get accolades, get asked to speak, sell books, brand, promote, be considered a literary leader.

How vain and stupid if I am not writing what I am passionate about, stories I want to write, stories I know are good, stories of value and redemption and consequence.

I am at a very nice Writers Conference and heard some inspiring speakers. But it can't go in one ear and out the other. It has to be more than that. I have to re-orient my life around this craft, this mission, this gift and stop squandering it.

Whatever your gift, please do the same.

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