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Memes and Such I like

Gleaned from social media.

I am teaching from Luke 4 this week, and this one by C.S. Lewis is relevant. Check out 28-30. It also reminds me of George Orwell's line: "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

We do not know other people's burdens. That is a theme in my fiction.

And finally, more infliction of my own poetry; this is a work in progress. It is a reflection on our modern, Romanticism-inspired view of nature and how the biblical folks would have seen it, especially "the wilderness."


We say it in a way to denude it of its essence.

The strong I demoted to a weak i.

The savage transformed into the tame.

The danger reduced to a picturesque peak.

The isolation to a pristine waterfall.

The deprivation to a breathtaking view.

The patriarchs, prophets, and puritans

and the Lord Himself

would frown and scoff and have none of that.

They went there for the wild, not the beauty.

For the desertion, not the desert.

The testing, not the relaxation.

We create our own wilderness today

A desolation within the masses.

A loneliness within the tumult.

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