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Bridgerton: Trashy Take on Jane Austen

True confessions: I binge watched this show, that is, its first "season." (Seasons doesn't mean what it used to.)

It was three hours of content stretched to eight hours of viewing. It was sex scene after sex scene. How many times do I have to see a naked man's rear end to know this couple is horny (excuse the crude language).

The pull was "this is from the same time period (and dress style and manners) as Jane Austen." Other than clothes and a lot of stately dancing, and maybe a little bit of irony (not much, at least not very stylish or literary), this bears no connection to Jane.

I don't usually recommend shows or books because they are a big time commitment and I don't want to be responsible for someone wasting time and money. I do give my opinion, yeah or nay. Generally, nay here. The story is not good enough to justify an eight-hour time sap. Plus, the big reveal at the end is not logical; the person exposed as the source of all gossip in society would not have had access to all the information. Plus, the characters don't compel that much connection or empathy.

I have noticed that all movies and all shows are just too ever-loving long nowadays. Movies are twenty minutes longer than they need to be. What is that about?

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